Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Wrap-Up!

I started off good this month. Kept to my predicted TBR until BAM! This girl goes rouge! TBR? What TBR? I read 11 books, 9 novellas, and 1 more book on the way which I will hopefully finish Friday. Not too shabby. I have to keep going on this reading spree so I can cover any slumps that may occur during the summer months when life comes out of hibernation. 

On a bad note, I did slip on one of my other reading goals this month. I didn't read a non-fiction this month. I started one and put it down almost just as quick because it was not what I thought it was going to be about. SO! I am going to shoot for two non-fictions in March to make up for it. I did complete one graphic novel this month, did keep up with a book club this month, and chipped away at my series bucket-list. 

As of right now (not including short novellas because I'm not a cheater) I am currently 23 books down and that means 7 books ahead of schedule for my 2014 100 book challenge. So without further adieu, here is my February Wrap-Up!

Book #1 in the Vampire Academy Series


Book #1 of the Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novel Series

Vampire Academy Series Novella

Book #2 in the Lunar Chronicles Series

Novella to the Wait for You Duology

7) & 8) 
Book #1 was the Chick Lits Bookclub February Pick

Book #2 in The Millennium Trilogy


11) - 16) 
The Novellas in the Ever After High Trilogy

17) & 18)
Two Novellas in the Lunar Chronicles Series

Book #1 in The Chaos Walking Trilogy

Still Reading:
Book #1 in The Dream War Saga
So Far I am LOVING this!!!

What have you read this month? 
What were your favorites? Your no go's? 
Will you be picking any of these up next month?

Here's to February 2014!


  1. How did you like Night Circus. I have about 120pgs left to read and for some reason it just feels really slow.

    Love your background.


    1. Oh my gosh, I ADORED it!!! I have a review for it coming Wednesday. I think it is a bit slow but I have never read anything like it before. I think it should pick up a little bit for you here soon. I would love to know what you think when you finish it and read my review!

      Thanks! :)

      Love your blog!