Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Reads!

Yes, the first books are going to look a lot like lasts weeks Friday reads but I'm hoping to finish those by the end of the day today. The other books are what is planned for the rest of the weekend. Don't have too much planned just a family day and girls night, should be awesome! 

1) Facing the Music By: Nick Carter - Standalone 
{Part of my non-fiction 2014 goal}
2) The Book of Lost Things By:  - Standalone
{Part of the Nothing but Reading Challenges Club January pick}
3) Trust in Me By: J.Lynn - Novella in the Wait for You Trilogy
4) Vampire Academy By: Richelle Mead - First book in the Vampire Academy Series
4) Just One Day By: Gayle Forman - First book in the Just One Day Duology
{Part of the Chick Lits Book Club February pick}

Okay, so that added up quick! 
Taking out the pages I have already read the page count comes to: 
5 books = 1,350 pages in total

Let’s do this!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Wrap-Up!

Overall, a great way to start the new year. I have read 13 books and about to finish three more hopefully by the February 1st which would bring my grand total to 16, WOOHOO! So far I have kept up with my reading goals as I have read two graphic novels this month, kept up with two book clubs, and (currently finishing) one nonfiction book. As of right now I'm 6 books ahead of schedule for my 100 book challenge. So without further adieu, here is my January Wrap-Up!














Almost Finished with: 

What have you read this month? 
What were your favorites? Your no go's? 
Will you be picking any of these up next month?

Here's to January 2014!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February ARC Pick

I need your help picking which Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) I should read for February. This doesn't mean I won't read the rest on the list, this will just help me figure out which one I should start with. Take a peak and which ARC's are available to me and are coming out this month and vote at the end of the post to let me know which one you are most interested in!

          Fates Release Date: February 11th 

          Etched on Me Release Date: February 4th 

          Better of Friends Release Date: February 25th 

          Made in Nashville Release Date: February 6th

February ARC Pick:
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TX3 - Books I Would & Wouldn't Want to Live In

The wonderful people over at The Broke and the Bookish posted another Top Ten Tuesday discussion for today, January 28. The Top Ten Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In. I'm going to mix it up and give some I would and some I wouldn't want to live in. 

Six books I would NEVER want to live in:

I’m not a very lucky person, I doubt the odds would be in my favor.

Nazi Germany? No thank you…

Limited resources and trailer park towers are not for me.

City of vampires, rabids, and poverty are a no go.

I don’t want to be left behind!

Yeah, I’m gonna go with a no thank you to unwillingly donating my organs while I’m perfectly healthy.

Four books I wish I could live in:

It’s Harry F-ing Potter… enough said!

A secret world in the back of my closet? Sign me up.

I have love the land of Oz since I was a little girl .

One word… Cam!

What about you? Do you agree with any? Disagree with any? What bookish worlds would you never want to be a part of? Which lands would you sign up for in a heart beat?