Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TX3 - My Reading Topics Wish List

The wonderful people over at The Broke and the Bookish posted another Top Ten Tuesday discussion for today, January 21, The Top Ten Things on My Reading Wish List. 

Adoption – I would truly like to see more plots surrounding adopted kids/grown adults and how being adoptive has made them the person they are now. I think this type of story could really form a good foundation for a great number of stories varying from terrible experiences to heartwarming pieces. Growing up I ADORED Annie and from my past reading experiences this is a character building story that is not used often enough.

Different Countries - Don’t get me wrong, I love being American, but can we please move on to other countries? I don’t want to do away with the US for good but I would really appreciate a little diversity between stories.

A New Bookish Epidemic – I have noticed that this year is the year for the ending of many loved series. In my opinion, this opens a lot of doors for authors. With all these endings there are bound to be a lot of new beginnings and I’m ready for the next cult series. Let’s give birth to another Harry Potter or Hunger Games. I’m ready to have another obsessively unhealthy relationship with a book series again!!! I think it is time for someone to break out of the pack with a new bookish epidemic and I am waiting patiently…

Diversify Fictional History – I love fictional history but I find that the majority of this genre is set in the UK. Nothing wrong with this, but again I would like a little diversity. Mix it up, perhaps a romance from Vietnam? Or possibly a YA Fiction from Japan during World War One? I just want to read something else that Jane Austen or Charles Dickens didn’t already cover.
New Outlook on Love Triangles - Don’t get me wrong, I love a good love story. However, even though love triangles can sometimes make for a good storyline I would like to see a mix up. Maybe eliminate the love triangle altogether? I find them to be a tad unrealistic anyways. OR! Better yet! Show a strong woman who chooses no one in end. Have a character who chooses to save herself!

Good Family Ties – There are enough stories out there with either a non-existent/unrealistic family or terrible family undercurrents. I think that this can make for solid character building however I would really like to read something with great family dynamics, something uplifting and real.

Popular Story Retellings – There is nothing I love more than putting a twist on an all-time favorite read. It lets the reading get excited in the unknown of something that was notorious. It lets a reader rediscover certain characters and dynamics. I love these types of books and I can ALWAYS read more of them!

New Twist on Contemporaries – I am really kind of getting nauseated by the predictable cookie-cutter contemporaries. It’s always the same story different girl, different boy. I don’t mind reading them between heavy stuff, and I will continue to do so, I just want to see an author change it up, make it new again.

Series Spin-offs – some books/authors I could never get enough of and I would in a heartbeat pick up a book that was a spinoff of the original storyline/characters. Can you say a book on the story of Finnick?! Yes please!!!

Greek Mythology – I’ve always enjoyed Greek Mythology and I would enjoy seeing this topic get tapped into by all genres. 


  1. 2. I would love to read more stories that aren't set in the US or UK!

    4. I have the same problem with most historical fiction. I want to read historical novels that are set somewhere else. Preferably Ancient Rome, but I'm cool with anything that is not medieval England.

  2. Great list! I am glad I am not the only person who has become absolutely sick of love triangles. Great picks :)

    My TTT :)

    1. I know!!! Let's get some of those strong independent I-don't-need-a-man characters! :) Thanks for the support!