Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TX3 - Top Ten Bookish Resolutions

Every Tuesday the great people at The Broke and the Bookish put up a "Top Ten Tuesday" or TX3 as I like to call it. Today, January 7 2014, the topic is on the Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend). I am going to keep my list book related and I'm really diggin' it this year. Who's excited?!

Top Ten Bookish Resolutions for 2014:
  1. Blog throughout the year - Obviously since I started this blog right on the end of 2013 I would like to keep it going throughout 2014. Even if no one ever reads my posts, it's a bit therapeutic and I have been enjoying putting my thoughts into words. 
  2. Read 100 books in 2014 - This is a lot, I realize this. But since I have started really getting into the online book community (Goodreads, Book Blogs, Booktube, etc.)I have been reading a ton! When you do the math 100 books comes down to 8-9 books a month. Some months this won't happen but then I have other months where I ready 11-12 so I'm hoping this pushes me to keep on trucking! I am dreading the day I hit a book slump though... that will put a kink in things! Fingers crossed. 
  3. Keep utilizing my library card - I have a library card and last year I did a good job of using it on the regular. I want to push myself to keep doing this as it saves money and I sometimes discover a book I have heard nothing about a thoroughly enjoy. Plus, I love my library! :)
  4. Keep up with publisher reviews- It's great to get books from publishers to review, and I'm not complaining, however I have a problem saying "no" to free books... which in turn leads me swamped with books to review. This year I want to try to keep on top of these books and not be afraid to decline offers when my to-be-read list gets a tad lengthy. 
  5. Read one non-fiction a month - I tend to read my strong and steady YA fiction books and though they are great and I really enjoy them I want to start broadening my horizons. Therefore I want to try to pick up one non-fiction a month. 
  6. Read one graphic novel a month - Again, dipping my toe in some new genres. 
  7. Keep up with a book club - I have found two book clubs I like and I want to try to keep up with them. One is The Chick Lits and they post one new "girl" book a month. The other is the Nothing But Reading Challenges book club. They post three books a month and I want to read at least one of these three every month as well. 
  8. Read the books I own - I am one of the fortunate book lovers as I do a pretty good job keeping up with the books I buy but there are a few that have gotten away from me. I want to push myself to keep up with my un-read shelf on my book shelves and not let those hidden gems get lost in the hustle and bustle. 
  9. Keep up with my 2014 series bucket list - I want to try to read one series a month. Because some of these books are quite lengthy that may be all I read for a month, but I really feel the need to finish these. 
  10. Save more spend less - Don't we all?

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  1. Love the list! good luck with all your resolutions :)